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The ethos of the school is epitomized in the motto “Learning is the revered of the revered” Situated in the idyllic Doon Valley, Touch Wood is a leading centre of learning. The pursuit of excellence and sprit to achieve, have earned Touch Wood, a place of distinction. The school constantly evolves and reinvests itself, to prepare its pupils to become constructive participants in the creation of a progressive world order. Touch Wood welcomes children to embark on a journey of discovery, exploration and self actualization. This journey prepares children for a life of purpose, which brings happiness and content. No wonder the canvas of Touch Wood is emblazed with colours of earnest endeavours and well deserved victories of the Woodians.

Learning By Doing

Children need to play as much as learn. Even better, learn while they play! Everything children learn at our school, they learn through experience. This helps them absorb better and imbibe life lessons for good. Children are visual by nature and respond better to sensory stimulation so we have adopted an experiential approach to teaching. Learning by doing has greater recall value as it taps their natural curiosity and is therefore more effective.

Aptitudinal Training

While one child may be good with numbers, another may have great oratorical skills. Yet another may tend to linger in the playground or the music room. One may have a scientific temperament, another may be arty in disposition. At Touch Wood School, we recognize that provided the right stimulus, each of these kids has a bright future. We pay specialized, individual attention to each child just so we can tap their potential and hone their talent.

360 Degree Development

To be a well-rounded individual, one needs to explore every aspect of their personality. That is the thrust of Touch Wood School's approach to education and learning. While enough measures are taken to keep our kids intellectually stimulated, we ensure that they also maintain physical well being by engaging wholeheartedly in indoor as well as outdoor sports. To strive towards imparting quality education using aptitude, practical and holistic approach for the social, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and ethical development of the student.

Safety And Security of Your Child

CCTV Cameras

First And First AID

Emergency Procedures

Child Friendly Infrastacture


Management is too good. Teachers are very supportive. The teaching method is very practical and good. Extra co-curricular activities are funloving and good learning too.

Geeta Rawat

YES, I AM PROUD OF BEING WOODIAN. Almost A Heaven to Get in..Reminding those days. I Get Smiling Cheeks Touch Wood! I LOVE TOUCH WOOD

Manish Pradhan

Amazing school,teachers,staff,principleBlessed to study in such a amazing place!!! It's unique because of our beloved Big Ma'am who treats every student as her own child and is always willing to provide the best possible education and facilities to students

Rohan Stark

Best faculty, best facilities , best atmosphere n simply the best school of doon...the pride of the dooon , touch wood school....o dear school

Niharika Sharma

My Alma Mater! Well qualified teachers club their skills and experience to impart good knowledge to their students along with the essential moral values.

Ishan Pant

From The Management Desk

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Administrator's Desk (Mr. Aman Saxena)

I am proud to announce that as the Administrator of Touch Wood School & Little Woodian Pre- School. I, Aman Saxena, have ensured that the organization runs smoothly, providing facilities to not only the students but also to every category of staff members. Being a commerce & law... Read More

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Principal's Desk (Mrs. Meenakshi Saxena))

Touch Wood School sincerely creates an atmosphere of worthwhile education and a healthy environment where academics, sports and co-curricular activities mould our students to be the brightest and the best. In order to achieve this, the parents and the scho... Read More

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Audition Of Dramebaz Show

A reality show No.1 Dramebaz Audition orgnize in our school where bollywood actor and actress come for take audition.

Prize Distribute On State Tournament

State Level Tournament was held in our school and here Uttarakhand team won the match and our principle distribute the peize to winner team

Won Championship In Badminton

Our school students won two days inter school champoinship in Badminton.And our girls team also won match in single player category.

Beyond Academics


Works of art "intrinsically final" : they appeal purely at the level of the imagination and aren’t good for any practical utility.As all arts in some way involve techniques that can be taught and learned.


Some extent governed by rules and routine, and that produce a preconceived result, all arts involve craft. So we have junior lab for class 1-4 and Senior lab for class 5-9 where students paint their imagination and try to nuture their inner craft skills.


At GMC Balayogi Stadium. ASISC national games were held in Hyderabad between 5-11 November 2016. U.P & U.K region won 2 bronze medal in U-16 boys category and U-18 Boys category....U-16 Girls category won Silver medal. 4 students of Touch Wood School were part of this winning teams........This is for the first time in 19 years Uttarakhand team has won any medal in badminton at the National level.


Every week, our students play cricket in the guidence of our coach.And our team also going to state lavel for play cricket


We orgnize Dance Event every year where students participate and won the price for best performance.

Humera Memorial Debate

Touch Wood School is proud of Vanshika Pradhan student of class 8-C and Hansika Singh student of class 8-A for WINNING the HUMERA DEBATE COMPETITION 2016 which was held in Bala Hissar Academy, Dehradun on 19th Nov. 2016.

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